For New Yorkers & Relocations ….


As much as we heart NY, we totally understand those of you craving more space, a more affordable lifestyle, and above all, a Big. Back. Yard. Sigh.

And if you’re already considering an exit strategy, then you’re probably well versed in Westchester’s perks (amazing public schools, pretty beaches, an easy commute). But what you may need is a little help understanding the different neighborhoods and the real estate climate. Sure you can easily drool over 3-6 bedroom homes online, but chatting with an expert is the best way to nail it for your family.

Mary Stetson, founder and broker of Stetson Real Estate has placed over 150 NYC families in Westchester. She and her Realtors are great listeners, know the ins and outs of the nursery and public/private school scene, and does a bang-up job of offering well-curated choices in areas that make sense for you and your family. They also great at connecting newcomers with like-minded parents who can give you the unfiltered inside scoop.


For Westchester residents ….

Is your current residence holding back your lifestyle?  We understand the stages of life and your local residential options.  Mary and her Realtors have helped hundreds navigate the rent to buy, sell to buy/rent, and sell to relocate move with ease.  And, especially here, experience counts.

Step it up & Buy Right!

Step 1 – Decide to MOVE FROM your current residence and truly understand your WHY.

               What is your urgency?  Now, 1 yr, 2 yrs?

Step 2 – Know your buying power – what you can afford AND what will afford you the lifestyle you want both in and out of your home.

Step 3 – Decide where you want to live in broad strokes

Step 4 – Choose the Right Realtor

That’s where Stetson Real Estate comes in.

It’s easy to browse photos of pretty homes on the internet, but which one is right for you?  Do you have Realistic Expectations?  Have you overlooked a community that suits you?  What is the lowest and best price to capture your dream home?  How can you make timing work to your advantage?  If it needs work, does it have the potential to become your dream home within your budget?  And, this seems complicated.  Can it be made easy?  That’s where the Stetson Right Realtor comes in.

  • Right pace and plan for your timeframe.

    • Starting a year early, no worries.  Neighborhood briefings, Customized self-drive plans, and open house suggestions will get you started.

    • When your are ready to make offers, we’re joined at the hip until the right home is found and contract is signed.

  • Smooth Sailing and trouble free transaction

    • Takes experience + expert support to make this happen.

  • We Know Properties

    • We know the snags that can cost you $$ and sink a sale

  • Resources

    • Very few perfect homes exist, we have the right experts to give you the straight scoop on fixing the imperfections.

  • Extra Mile

    • For our exclusive clients, we roll up our sleeves and network to actively find off-MLS properties for your consideration to supplement the easy MLS listings.

  • Top Pricing & Negotiating skill.

    • Every agent is backed by Mary Stetson’s years and hundreds of successful negotiations.  The collective knowledge of all Stetson’s agents ongoing negotiations

Discover why choosing a Stetson Real Estate agent is the surest path to getting the keys in your hand with the least amount of worry.

“ Wow.  Stetson Realtors can fairly compare and contrast homes across various Westchester villages.  In my past search with a CHAIN, I had to deal with 5 different Realtors who all thought their village was the absolute best – Frustrating!  The STETSON experience is AMAZING.”  Nicola J.

“Mary is the ONLY real estate professional that we will trust with the sale of our properties. Her years of experience, knowledge of the area, and discretion give her a distinct edge over other agents we’ve worked with in the past.”  Ece A.