Westchester County offers a myriad of recreational opportunities to that will satisfy any interest or hobby. Westchester rivals Manhattan for its artistic prowess. Within the county, you can visit historic homes, landmarks, and museums, enjoy art, fine dining,  live entertainment, music, movies, shopping, spas, beaches, lakes, gardens, fine art, golf, and so much more!  Whatever your persuasion, Westchester has everything that your discerning mind has a taste for.

For fine dining, Westchester boasts one of the most ethnically diverse assortments of restaurants, with an appealing ambiance for every taste, that rivals the culinary tastes of New York City, but without the bother of traffic or expensive parking.


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Westchester County Recreation/Event Local Organizations
Westchester County Tourism Historical Society Library System
Westchester County Golf The Rye Arts Center
Westchester Parks Rye YMCA
Playland Amusement Park