Want a better place to hang your hat?

Sellers & Buyers (2) (1)

Step 1 – Decide to MOVE FROM your current residence and truly understand your WHY.

What is your urgency?  Now, 1 yr, 2 yrs?

WHY?  More space / less space?

WHY?  Different Schools?

WHY?  Lower Taxes?

WHY?  Lower cost of living?

WHY?  More / Different Style?

WHY? Different Layout?

WHY?  Rental Flexibility?

Step 2 – Choose the Right Realtor now, be it a month before you sell or 3 years.

Why?  Your Realtor’s early guidance will save you time and money.  Experience, resources, knowing what makes a difference, and knowing timing makes a huge difference.  Staging looks beautiful, but is it worth the time and cost for your property?  Your Stetson Realtor knows.  Your Realtor has tried and true partners at her fingertips and tips to get the right job done fast and cost effectively.  And, the setup is the key to generating the highest and best net proceeds to you.  You’ll want your realtor by your side the entire way.

Why Stetson?

  • We are independent w/ creative, fast, flexible & ACTIVE

  • Smooth Sailing and trouble free transaction

  • Takes experience + expert support to make this happen.

  • We Know Properties

  • We know the snags that can cost you $$ and sink a sale

  • Resources

  • Very few perfect homes exist, we have the right experts to give you the straight scoop on fixing the imperfections.

  • Extra Mile

  • For our exclusive clients, we roll up our sleeves and network to actively find off-MLS properties for your consideration to supplement the easy MLS listings.

  • Top Pricing & Negotiating skill.

Step 3 – Deal with your Concerns w/ your Realtor’s Help

  • Where and what is your next dream home?

  • Need the sale proceeds of your current place to buy your next place?

  • What if you home is not in the perfect location?

  • What if your current home is a little dated and doesn’t look like the ones on HGTV?

  • How can you make market timing work for you?

Step 4 – Know your Property.  All Certificates of Occupancy in place?  Confirm square footage, confirm taxes.

Step 5 – Know the market value of your house AS-IS and the price with varying levels of sale preparation.  Know the rental values, too, if that is an option.

Step 6 – Prepare your home for sale, or choose to not prepare your home for sale.  Also, choose to what extent you are willing, time allowing to prepare your home and prioritize the list so that if time becomes short, the most impactful things will be done first.   Sometimes,

market timing supercedes house preparation.

Step 7 – Price it Right.

Step 8 – Realtor in ACTION

  • Capture a Memorable Market Image

  • Market Launch

  • Follow-up, counter objections and SELL.

  • Negotiate and Accepted Offer

  • Navigate the Inspection

  • Keep emotions and objections in check and get the contract signed

  • Expedite  throughout the Contract phase.

Step 9 – Assure the property is prepared for closing & close.