Time to Let Go?

Reach out to us now (Early. Even years early).
The likelihood of your house appreciating by 10% is slim.
To get the highest and best price for your home, you need to put a plan in place.
Plans can and will change, but you gotta have a plan to start.

Rely on Stetson for:
Confidentiality * Home Prep & Positioning * Connections * Negotiation


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Coordinated Sell & Buy

Letting Go – Joyce


Home Prep & Positioning



For Sound Advice

  • Ready to go?

    We can have your home on the market tomorrow.

  • Property feels like a ball & chain?
    We’ll gladly unshackle it!

    Total turn-key service available for Estates, Elder Sales, out-of-towners, and vacant homes.

  • Tried to sell, couldn’t,
    trying Again?

    We’ve prevailed where others failed.

    ‘Expired Listings’ are our specialty.

    (see Secret Sauce #1 below)

  • Kicking The Tires?
    Get Started Early …even YEARS early.

    We just need to see your space, face and the neighborhood around your place! It all counts.

    Have us over and we’ll give you a game plan.
    <class=”bold”>+all the info you need to make your decision.

  • Had the idea to sell it yourself?
    Get STETSON’s Assist to
    avoid ROOKIE mistakes

Of Course, we will make your place look fabulous.
It's our care and dedication that gets it SOLD.

Want to know our Secret Sauce

(Shhhh… Just Between Us)?

  • #1

    Secret Sauce #1:
    Extraordinary Care and Determination. May sound hokey, but it is the difference.
    At STETSON, there is an ART is sizing the market, drawing attention and pressing for highest value. That’s why we make the big money. :) Relentless is our first, middle and last names.

  • #2

    Secret Sauce #2:
    We don’t just toss your property on the market (MLS) with a couple of random photos and pray. Here are some amazing Before and Afters. We may have to get our happy and friendly stager involved … but we make your house look fabulous. - Our Marketing Team knows how to fire up the sizzle! Show 3 before and afters.

  • #3

    Secret Sauce #3:
    We work within your parameters. If you can’t/won’t prep the home, no worries, STETSON can sell it. We’ve even sold Horder’s homes. Seriously, we did it based on location and a floor plan!

  • #4

    Secret Sauce #4:
    Understand what you are selling
    Best Neighbors
    Picture Perfect
    20 years of life (+ stuff)
    Near a Busy Road
    Yep, a little noise
    Best built home (Golden nails)
    Best home in the world
    Pricey, but worth it
    Fixer Upper
    In town treasure
    Condo land
    Backyard heaven
    Master on first
    Not the Standard layout
    Yep. Our house has no sheetrock.

  • #5

    Secret Sauce #5:
    Understand why you are selling
    Estate sale
    Find me the land of lower taxes
    Need a change of scenery – new style
    Leaving kid land
    Short sale
    Need a Bigger house
    More land
    Cashing in
    Second life
    Empty nest
    Need a quick sale
    Relocating out of town
    Can’t climb the stairs
    Style upgrade
    20+ years of stuff
    Need a bigger house
    Serial seller
    New style
    Sick of the weather
    Won’t live through a reno

  • #6

    Secret Sauce #6:
    Get Real with the numbers

  • #7

    Secret Sauce #7:
    Be Realistic with the timing

  • #8

    Secret Sauce #8:
    Resources - See our Concierge List

  • #9

    Secret Sauce #9:
    Full Disclosure









You’re not leaving the dog behind, let’s find a place that fits all of you. Confused about how much your house is worth? CALL NOW to get a real price. YOLO – you only live once. What is your dream house? Are you living in it? Can your current house become a dream house? If not, you need to change! Do you really think your house is going to appreciate by 10% in the next three years? Maybe yes, but more likely no. We’ll sort it out for you. Is it time to evaluate the cost of your house? Do you own your house or does your house own you? Do you still enjoy maintaining your big house? Do you still have time to enjoy your house? Does your house still fit your family? Does your house still fit your lifestyle? Is your house holding you back? Do you even enjoy your house? If the answer is ehhh, Call Stetson. If you had to move tomorrow, is your house ready to market? The taxes are ridiculous! Is it time to go? Even we think so. Before you have your last straw, let us give you a strategy to get your house ready for market. If you’re considering to sell, let us help you decide! Has your house outgrown you? Have you outgrown your house? What are today’s buyers looking for? How can your house deliver it? If you were to move, where would you go? Let us give you some options. 


The Basics

Get Started Early … even YEARS ahead of a move.

STETSON will come to your home. Meet you and your family In-person or via Skype/Facetime. We want to see your space, have a clear understanding of the impression one would have the minute they drive up your street, your driveway, park and enter the home. It all counts.

Get Started With
  • Your Home’s Best Attributes
  • Issues Checklist
  • Home Prep Plan – with Value Boosters
  • Positioning & Marketing Plan vetted by our CMO
  • Instant and REAL estimate of sale proceeds
  • Discuss options for your next residence
  • Optimal timing for Y-O-U
Reach Out for Instant Service, Obligation-Free

    A little about mary

    Mary Stetson Founder, Licensed Real Estate Broker and Owner of Stetson Real Estate LLC.

    An overnight success in 18 years, Mary has made her mark, now recognized as Westchester’s Best Real Estate Firm by Westchester Magazine. She is a champion of small business and environmentally friendly living, too.

    Her goal has always been to provide her clients with authentic service. Her ability to connect and go above and beyond for her clients goes unmatched. And, the Talent Executives she has hand-picked for her firm replicate these traits.

    Our Collective Wisdom Benefits our Clients.

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